Dr. Dan Bensimhon, the CEO of Moonlighting Solutions and MLS Telehealth, has introduced new technology at his hospital and driving awareness of a new vest that uses military technology to measure fluid in the lungs of patients. The company saw the vest as a way for people with heart failure to catch fluid buildup at home before it became a problem. Bensimhon saw the vest as an opportunity to change the way heart failure patients are cared for in a big way. Thanks to a study underway at Cone Health, we will soon find out if he is right.

Bensimhon believes they could change the way everyone cares for heart failure patients. “If we can identify in the emergency room whether or not it's fluid or not we may be able to save those patients from coming in the hospital and manage them more closely as an outpatient,” Bensimhon said.

Bensimhon, Cone Health and Triad HealthCare Network also plan on using the vests during every stage of a heart failure patient’s treatment. Bensimhon says this could including in the emergency room, before discharge, during home-health checkups and even in an ambulance.

You can view a news report and a recent article about Dr. Bensimhon and this technology below: